A workflow application is a software application which automates, at least to some degree, a process or processes. The processes are usually business-related, but it may be any process that requires a series of steps that can be automated via software. Some steps of the process may require human intervention, such as an approval or the development of custom text, but functions that can be automated should be handled by the application. Advanced applications allow users to introduce new components into the operation.
Bee-Master is a pioneer workflow engine that was developed by EIS and it was registered under number "" to allow business planners to build the business processes of the different organizations. It is a very strong tool to create, modify and run the business process.
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1- Bee-Master Designer
Designer is a simple and easy graphical tool to design a new work-flow or a new process to be used within other work-flows. Using Bee-Master designer nice GUI interface, any one of the running work-flows can be modified. Bee-Master provides a massive number of facilities to meet the different work-flow design pattern

2- Bee-Master work-flow Engine
Bee-Master work-flow engine is the core module to run any number of work-flows simultaneously. It can run in different operating systems like (Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows server 2003, Microsoft Windows 2008 and Linux (xx)). Bee-Master designed to be elastic to integrate with any software to run the work-flows that was designed by the Bee-Master designer. Moreover, Bee-Master is different than other products since you can build your forms whatever the language that you like to use i.e. PHP, ASP,….,etc. and then Bee-Master can integrate all of this forms to run your workflow. So it is easy for users to develop their forms using any language instead of restricting users to use any poring language in addition users will be able to save their data in their own DBMS.

Workflow Main Features.

  1. SOA Based Architecture: Bee-Master supports service oriented architecture design. So, many services can be built separately and reused whenever it needed.
  2. Nested Processes: Bee-Master supports designing any service or process in nested pattern.
  3. Complex Workflows: Bee-Master supports creating complex workflows with sub-processes
  4. Workflow Versioning: Bee-Master handles multiple versions of  the same workflow and can manage the old workflow instances that still running according to their rules and constrains
  1. Lead Times Management: Bee-Master supports defining lead times for the entire workflow or for each action inside the workflow.
  2. Basic Control Flow Pattern: Bee-Master supports all the basic control flow patterns like Looping, Conditions,…etc
  3. Advanced Branching and Synchronization: The business processes in the huge organizations are not always easy to present using the simple control flow patterns. So, Bee-Master supports a large set of advanced flow control patterns like parallel activities, AND merge, OR merge, XOR merge and switch … case control flow. 
  4. User Defined Function: Bee-Master supports adding a user defined functions written in java or C# language according to the running version.
  5. Reporting: Bee-Master provides a large collection of interesting reports especially for management to fit all the requirements of managers to monitor the work progress.
  6. RDBMS Storage: Bee-Master uses a relational database and it supports a number of RDBMS like Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.
  7. Notifications: Bee-Master supports a number of notifications about late activities for heir level of management.

Security: Bee-Master supports defining unlimited number of rolls and unlimited number of users and organizes all users into groups. For any roll in any activity, it is easy to assign number of users or groups to do the roll.


DocStore Main Features

1- Archive Main Features

  1. Many functions of image processing (zoom, Rotate, filters, scan,…).
  2. Multiple pages for the same document.
  3. Easy to build and change the dynamic cabinet structure
  4. Placing document in Multiple Cabinets
  5. Unlimited number of indices for each document
  6. Advanced Search with basic data or indices within a specific location in archive hierarchy

DocStore Archiving System

DocStore Features
DocStore supports a large number of features such as follow

  • Deals with any type of DB such as (Oracle, Microsoft Access, My SQL, Sybase, Informix, SQL Server…)
  • Runs on any version of Microsoft windows (starting from Windows XP)
  • Arabic/English language interfaces
  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Provides on-line help.
  • Provides capturing paper documents via different TWAIN scanning devices.
  • Access Control List and passwords protections at different levels.
  • Permissions and authorities for each users and groups.
  • Encryption for archive data.

Archive Structure

  • DocStore supports to create unlimited number of cabinets. Each cabinet can contain unbounded number of sub-cabinets.
  • Each cabinet or sub-cabinet can contain unrestricted number of documents.
  • Each document can contain unlimited number of files.
  • DocStore supports unlimited number of users and groups to access cabinets, documents, or files under tight security system.
  • DocStore supports to define unrestricted number of indexes and document formats providing flexibility to users to store and retrieve their desired documents.